Beginners start in the fenced-off area with 2 conveyor belts and a caousel. Because of the conveyor belts the learning process is organized with a station maintenance, thereby the chidren have 2 to 3 instructors per group. At the age of 3 to 4 a 2 hours course per day is enough. At the beginning we get the groups toghether and then we get used to the skis. We kindly as the parents to stay in sight for their chidren, but outside of the fence, as long as the children are too afraid to participate in the course on their own. Then we practise the schuss. Subsequently we´ll learn the snowplough. Then the individual turns in both directions. It usually takes a week for a 3 year old. At the age of 4 to 5 it takes from 2 to 3 days and older children approx. take 2 units to 2 hours. Why do older ones take less time? It is their physical condition and their way to implement it in their mind.

Snowplough Turn (with ski rotation)

If the children can control the individual turns in both directions, we´ll change to a slightly steeper terrain. There we strung the turns together and practise until we are sure enough to cope with the slope safely, without falling and without fear. Different children of course make different progresses. That´s the reason why we have no groups until now. From now on we have one teacher each group. Children who have completed their course here in the previous year, must start again in this area, so the fear is not up on the front and the joy of skiing passes by.

Riding a T-Bar

Now we learn how to use a t-bar lift. It takes 1 to 3 days. Of course whilst skiing the skills will be developed.

Change into the ski area

Now comes for everyone the biggest change. I kindly ask the parents not to overstrain their childrens skills and do runs with the children between their legs. If a child has been skiing 1 to 2 day up in the ski area in the previous year, the child should start with the Snowplough Turns again and move up to the ski area with the group. If children are overstrained in the first two weeks of skiing, the learning success is significantly lower than children who are given 3 years to do such a big step. Not many hours turns you into a good skier but the quality!

Steered Snowplough

With exercises we go from Snowplough turn to the steered Snowplough. This means to converge the ski into a parallel position at the end of a turn. This technique is slipped at a slow pace. This will only be practiced on blue slopes, until it is automated and then the speed increases itself. Therefore a child needs, according to the age, up to 3 years.

Steered Parallel

The outcome of this is parallel skistearing. It requires a higher speed. Due to the physical conditions of children, they ski in a bend position, so parallel ski stearing is not possible, until they´ve grown a little bit and their balance point is deeper and more forward. This is often the reason why people think that the ski course was good for nothing, but that is not the case. During any technical sport it requires a lot of practice to come forth. But to go skiing in a group is a social aspect. Children want to match with others and share the experience with each other. For this reason, it is not necessary for children to have private lessons to learn faster.

Pole Plant

If the parallel ski stearing and the speed is controlled, the pole plant will be practiced.